About Me

Jenna Gaidusek

My earliest memories of decorating started when I was around 6. Every weekend my parents would have me "clean my room." This, inevitably, would mean that I would spend the entire day rearranging the furniture and accessories in my 10'x12' bedroom until it was time for dinner. From that time on, I knew that interior design was my calling!

Growing up in Colchester, Vermont on Lake Champlain I discovered my love for casual coastal design. I wanted to diversify my aesthetic and skill so I went to college in Albany, NY and earned my BA of Interior Design. After college, I found that I loved the entire process of buying and selling homes. I became a realtor to bring my talent and knowledge to my clients that were looking to sell or had just purchased a new home.

I wanted to continue my diversification with different design aesthetics and lifestyles. With that in mind, my husband Mike and I moved to Lousiville, KY and then to Indianapolis, IN.  My style developed,gaining a Southern, contemporary twist and continued to refine, gaining a level of sophistication. After living in the midwest for a number of years, we made our way back north and lived in the Bronx,New York.  As of July 2018 we have moved once again and this time made our way to Gainesville, Florida because my husband has take a promotion and is now the Senior Executive Chef at the University of Florida. 

E-design has allowed me to work from home and be with our daughter Ellie Grace, who joined our family in October 2016. We also have two cats and a dog coexisting in our house. So, finding functionality and reuse of or furntiure and decor as we move has become second nature. When I say I design for your lifestyle I really mean it! I know firsthand what it’s like to live in a smaller space with kids and pets- I don't think you have to sacrifice design for function! Each space I create is unique and tailored to each client's personality, mood, and lifestyle.



Bachelors in Interior Design

Allied Member, International Interior Design Association