What is E-Design?

Online interior design (e-design) is the best way to get a professionally decorated home on a budget, entirely around your schedule, all online.


Who is E-design for?

Many of my clients lead a busy life. Between raising kids and a full time job, they just don’t have the time to coordinate meetings with a designer or arrange orders for their decorations. Saving them time and money, we collaborate entirely through my personal online platform to create a unique and personal design plan. I also help a lot of DIYers execute designs that they helped to create through our collaboration. I love to save people money, so I look for the best deals possible. Additionally, I am able to extend a portion of my trade discount to you.


Why Not Choose One of the Large Online Design Platforms?

There are plenty of online design services out there- and I’ve done a little design work for a few of them so I know what they are about. Of course they are great for some people, but there are a lot of restrictions set by these companies. They have rules for where the designer is allowed to source, how long the project should take, and even who you are matched with. When you select an independent designer who specializes in online interior design, you get a personalized experience with all the perks of a local designer.  This includes working at your own pace with your schedule in mind and custom design that utilizes my designer trade-only connections for your furniture and accessories. I also extend to you discounts off of retail prices (some exclusions apply) if you prefer to shop on your own. While choosing a personal designer as opposed to a large company may be a bigger investment, you’ll enjoy a more tailored approach and may save money on the pieces you buy!

What is not offered in E-design services?

 I do not create designs or plans for renovations, I can give you a visual idea of the space by my plans are not to be used as construction documents. Plans are to be used as visual reference to implement a design plan. Since I don’t live in your area, I don’t know the design professionals; therefore, my plans are strictly for decor and design that you can do yourself. I do recommend hiring a licensed electrician (for lighting installations) or handyman to hang items that may need to be anchored into the wall.