Video Add On

Video Add On


Add a video of your listing images. You may choose to use pre-rendered and newly rendered images. You must provide text you’d like included as well. Add to any virtual staging package. Video includes up to 12 slides.

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How My Service is Unique

-Once you sell the home based off the renders the new homeowner can buy the pieces that sold them on the home! They will get a customized Pinterest link to the paint and furnishings used in the renders.

-I create a vision to show potential buyers what potential the home has and how easily they can

-My prices are comparable to the other apps out there and you will receive exceptional, customized and fast service.

-All designs are custom curated by me! I am an interior designer and have been in the virtual design field servicing home owners exclusively since 2015.

-You are supporting a small business in the United States.

-I strive to make my clients happy with every design because I know it is a reflection of your business, want to make adjustments to the design- let me know!