DIY Farmhouse Wallplank Office Transformation!

My Farmhouse Home Office

Featuring Shiplap Wallplanks!

When I first found out that we were moving to Florida from NYC and that we were about to more than double our square footage- I immediately started thinking about all the amazing things I can do to the house now that I finally have the space to do it! So my husband and I took a 24hr trip to Florida and found a rental house for our first year because we had never even been to Gainesville and didn’t know the area AT ALL. The house looks like it was built in the early nineties, I’m not positive but from all the oak wood and the layout- I’d say 80’s-90’s with a lot of DIY updates (including all electrical- Ahh!).

Needless to say, I knew I wanted a house that I could make my own, and I kind of like the challenge of decorating rental houses because you have to be more unique with your selections. After living in a tiny Bronx apartment for 3+ years it was time for me to finally get the elements of farmhouse design that I love so much. And to finally have a space of my own, and as a work from home mom- this was extra important!  I'm always down for a good DIY project, too!

All I wanted was a crisp white accent shiplap wall to add a cozy element and maintain a light or an airy look that will soften my dark furniture that I already have So, before we moved I was searching for companies that had peel and stick shiplap options and that's when I came across wall Wallplanks. I love everything the company stands for and just HAD to try them out!  Though they weren't really made for rental because they are SO sturdy with the super adhesive glue back, I knew that I had to have them- after all, they will only add to the updates that this house so desperately needs!  Here are the top 4 reasons I chose to purchase Wallplanks:

Made in America! Wausau WI by From The Forest (

Environmentally Friendly

Peel & Stick – Easy to install Shiplap!

Durable & Engineered to last


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I added a Jigsaw as well!

I added a Jigsaw as well!

The second week we moved in I ordered my Wallplanks and within a couple  of days I started receiving all of the pieces I needed to assemble my wall!  I got the Wallplanks wall solution to make sure that everything was sufficiently cleaned before applying the wall planks to the wall and to ensure they stick longer. I also got the J-roller to smooth everything out after I applied the panels to the wall and to add to the longevity of the piece.  I received all of my Wallplanks later that week and I could not wait to start getting them up on the wall! Everything came so fast- it was awesome!

Jenna Gaidusek Designs Wall Plank home office

I decided to add my accent wall (to start) in the space that I’ve longed for the most since I started working from home as an Online Interior Designer, my home office! As a work from home mom, having a space all to myself (with NO toys) that I can be creative and productive in- made me ecstatic.  So it was a no brainier that I had to use these beautiful wall planks in my new happy place! I really had no plan other than the Wallplanks for this space. At first, it was going to be a spare bedroom and my daughter (almost 2) could have the other one downstairs. I even picked out the pastel pink walls for it… But then reality set in and I realized that she will never use this space as her bedroom in the near future (as she needs to be near us at all times- which I love), so I made the room I had intended to be hers into the spare and the other room into my office! Not to mention the previous owner of this house used it as his office and it has ample book storage in the closet and track lighting that basically begged for the desk to float in the space!  I went into the design of this room knowing I wanted the Wallplank accent wall and to use my dark wood campaign desk (that I bought for $150 from Target a couple years ago). And I had a couple of rug options- an old one from Overstock and a new one I just bought from Boutique Rugs. I may end up changing this out tho as the floors in here are terrible and I want to cover as much as I can! 

Elaziz ELZ-2308 Area Rug

Elaziz ELZ-2308 Area Rug

As I started applying them to the wall I started seeing the entire space take shape and a rush of inspiration came over me!  This is what the room looked like before:

Before office picture- wallplanks, farmhouse shiplap wall
before home office- shiplap wallplanks

Installing My Wallplanks

As I began envisioning the space as the planks were applied, with each plank that went up more and more of my vision for the space became clear. My favorite color decorate is obviously blue paired with a neutral color palette. I typically go for charcoals, blue-grays and navy’s, but for this space I wanted a more whimsical blue than the saturated versions that I typically choose.  For a more playful modern farmhouse blue paint color, I chose Sherwin Williams HGTV Splendor Blue.


I started to figure out things that worked best in things that were not working for me as this was my 1st DIY wall plank installation. It was really easy but I did a couple of things that I will not do on my next accent wall.  Here are my tips and my installation process!


1. I washed down all the walls using the Wallplank solution to ensure they are fully clean and the glue backing of the plank will adhere properly.

Wallplanks wall cleaner, shiplap wood wall diy install

2. Then I removed the outlet covers.

3. I painted the walls that would touch the Wallplank accent wall so the blue was close to the corners and I didn’t have to do detail work when the wall was complete.

4. Then I started to apply my Wallplanks

Tips to install your planks

1. Make sure the ridges line up on either side. There is a lip that each plank fits into so they slightly overlap. Do the entire row with the same direction facing up then the next the same above or below it. This will ensure a tight fit and seamless wall. 

2. Look for patterns, I noticed (after I was halfway done) that I needed 2 of the long uncut planks and 1- 20" cut plank for each wall.  Since I wanted to add variety to the pattern I mixed the short pieces in the center and some on either ends. I didn't want it to have 2 long and 1 short all on the same side- though if I had needed 3 fairly equal sized panels, this wouldn't be an problem.  But since I wanted a variety to my pattern- I chose to stagger the sizes. 

3. After you make your cut, sand down the edges for a cleaner line. I suggest cutting the planks (with the painted ones espesually) on the back blue side. 

4. Use the J-Roller to smooth out and make sure each plank is succurley fastened to the wall after application. 

Wallplanks, white shiplap wood wall. Peel and stick wall
Wall Planks peel and stick wood wall

Learning From My Mistakes

Though my wall came out STUNNING- I did make a few mistakes that I plan to correct with my next installation. 

  1. I started in the middle of the wall and I had measured up from the baseboard 5  wide planks from the top of the baseboard. But when I started to apply them and the wall started to fill out (and was looking BEAUTIFUL)  and as I worked my way vertically from my center point, I noticed that there was going to be a gap at the bottom and at the top. The width of both about 3” each, basically the width of one panel. I had the choice of either splitting a panel horizontally or painting. I totally honest with you, I am terrible at cutting in a straight line. I just have never been able to cut a straight line with scissors let alone an Exact-O knife or a jigsaw! I don’t know what is wrong with me- I just could never do it!  So I made the decision to approach this differently and I overlapped the baseboard at the bottom of the wall with another panel. At the top I chose to paint the blue border so that it looks like it was extended over in adds a little bit of a color pop.

  2. Another mistake that I had been making was trying to cut the panels with an Exact-O knife. Even though I was using a straightedge and scoring both sides. Inevitably I ended up cutting my thumb a couple of times trying to ensure that I was cutting a straight line while applying pressure.  It was also taking me quite a while to do this. So, I turned to Amazon for an inexpensive solution to this problem I ordered a Black and Decker Jigsaw that changed the game for me! I was now able to cut cleaner lines and more quickly and accurately. Due to the white paint finish I noticed that I had to just caught the bottom of the panel on the glue side. The saw did not chip the paint when I did it this way!

The Finished Look!

Home office wall planks accent wall- White farmhouse shiplap wall. sherwin williams paint
After wallplanks accent shiplap wall. Home office, boss lady office.
peel and stick shiplap white walls- wallplanks
peel and stick wood plank wall.

I am so excited about how the space turned out!  This Wallplanks accent wall has seriously made this space so cozy and clean looking! It creates such a statement in the space and I love the  modern farmhouse feel. It is more than I ever could have dreamed of and I cannot even wait to use my Wallplanks  in other room before we move out of this house.  I think it's only adding value to this rental property (don’t you agree after seeing these stunning before and afters??) Wallplanks  has a quality and sustainable product and while I made some mistakes this time around it helps me know what to do for the next installation. I hope that it has inspired you to use Wallplanks  in your next refresh project!

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Hi!    I'm Jenna! I'm an online interior designer and I specialize in refined farmhouse style and help DIYers create the home of their dreams! My husband and I have moved around a lot and currently reside in NYC- but hope to move back down south soon with our 18 month old baby girl, Ellie Grace. Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope you find inspiration and new ideas to try in your home!


I'm Jenna! I'm an online interior designer and I specialize in refined farmhouse style and help DIYers create the home of their dreams! My husband and I have moved around a lot and currently reside in NYC- but hope to move back down south soon with our 18 month old baby girl, Ellie Grace. Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope you find inspiration and new ideas to try in your home!

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