One Room Challenge Week 1- The Concept

One Room Challenge Concept Kick Off

I’m super excited because now that we are in our new house and have tons of rooms to decorate, I get to participate in the Fall 2019 One Room Challenge by Better Homes and Gardens! For this 6-week design challenge, I’ll be designing my living room and I’m going to do it exactly how I would with any other eDesign client.

Here is how it’s all going to go down!

Week 1 The concept

Week 2, The walls, painting and peel and stick wallpaper in the bookcases

Week 3- Accessorizing the built-ins

Week 4- Pillows!

Week-5 Tabletop styling tips

Week 6- The big reveal!

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This is the room as it stands right now. We recently moved in and have just added the furniture but nothing more.

Living room BEFORE- Jenna gaidusek Designs.jpg

I love this room for a few reasons. This room is next to my office and is divided by a sliding glass door. My office has great lighting because of all the large windows. So since this room is more centralized in the house, there is a large skylight near the fireplace and ceiling fan. I also love the built-ins. They provide so much space for my personal decor and since this is my main room to chill in, I want to be surrounded by things that mean something to me and make me happy (not random crap from a big box store).

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The floors are new this year but the walls need to be freshened up, they are a pale cream color (as is every room in this house) and are very scuffed up. Next week I’ll be sharing my paint choice and wallpaper for the builtins. I’m working with an old school wood wall panel but when it’s painted white it actually provides a coastal shiplappy look.

The Design Process

My process is just like how I collaborate with my clients. First, I’ll work with what I have, any existing furniture and decor I want to hold onto. I am always thinking about decor when I’m traveling and visiting my favorite places so I try to look for some kind of natural element to bring back and use in my decor. I collect things like shells, cool rocks, pebbles, vintage glassware, driftwood, etc. This adds a personal touch to the room that holds sentimental value and is not just a vase filler I found at Pier 1.

Then, I’ll create a concept board (see below) for my design plan using the existing pieces and adding new items to pull the look together and make it look cohesive.

Using What I Already Own… What’s Staying?

My main piece that is staying here is our dueling chaise sectional. My husband and I are always down for comfort first and being the couch potato’s that we are, a double chaise sectional was the best option. It’s reallllly big and was purchased at our last house so we got lucky when it fit perfectly in this space.

Some of these items that I end up adding to this room may not be brand new, they actually might come from another room in my house and is repurposed for this room. I have a lot of transitional pieces throughout my house and I am always moving them into a different room for a different use. Sometimes I use my Bombay Chest from Arhaus as a buffet, tv console and right now office storage.

All decor will need to be added to this room seeing as to how we just moved into this house. I also didn’t have a coffee table for a while but my daughter is in need of one for her little playdough projects so I suppose it’s time! I have a very specific method to my madness when we move (and let me tell you, after 11 moves I’m pretty damn good at it!) the best part is the recycling of decor in a totally different room each time. It totally changes things up and keeps it fresh which eliminates my ich to buy more home decor.

Here is my process for purging and recycling decor when I move:

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As I was packing I pack, I place related things together so when I unpack I know right where everything is. For instance, I take all my curtains from every room (wash them) and any that I have in storage and put them all in one box. I do this with anything that is similar- like bedding, bathroom and vanity supplies, towels, wall decor etc. I prefer to do this instead of packing the entire contents of a room in boxes with unlike pieces. When you get to the new house now you don't have to go searching for all your window treatment options in various room boxes. This is the most streamlined and productive process. Now when you are ready to unpack it all, you simply designate one room for decor and unpack your boxes there. Then you can begin adding bringing things like wall decor, window treatments, pillows, decor etc. to different rooms and lay it all together so you can get a snapshot of how the room will look before you actually hang anything. This makes it easy to move things around if something isn’t right before committing and see where you have empty holes.

You can learn more in my post Tips to Declutter & Transition On Your Next Move

The Concept

Concepts change. That is an inevitable fact. The availability of products will vary and even tastes change during the design project. As a designer myself, I love so many different design styles from contemporary to coastal to farmhouse. My home is a collection of all these different design styles that come together to create one cohesive and harmonious look.

My core furniture is typically all transitional and the decor that I change out ever few months. Pillows and wall decor is my main change up. Just doing these little things can totally change the room!

Don’t Be Afraid To Change Things Up!

My decor is a living element of my lifestyle. I get bored and need a change monthly. Maybe it’s because most of my childhood was spent in the same house with the same decor and paint color for years on end. My mom is a very crafty lady but she wasn’t much for rearranging the furniture…. to be fair, I probably qualify as a “compulsive rearranger”. I’ve lived in this house for about 6 months now and though many rooms are still undecorated (gasp! I know), I am changing and moving my decor DAILY.

Dear Keaton Luca Platinum Arm Chair

Stay Tuned to Shop My Look!

Stay tuned for this 6 week One Room Challenge and in the end, you will be able to shop my room and recreate it for yourself! Since I’ll be adding an eDesign twist to this challenge, I am creating it fully shoppable (with the exception of my personal items) so you can see how I do it on a “empty new house” budget. Thanks for reading!

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