Neutrals for Days: My Favorite Etsy Pillow Covers

As many of you know, I love to source small businesses for my clients. I think it gives a personal touch to the design and I'd much rather support a mom and pop shop over a box store any day! Earlier this week I shared my favorite Blue Etsy pillows with you all.  Today I'm going to share my must have neutrals that warm up any arrangement! 

Check out my Neutral pillow round up below to add a designer touch to your home!

Neutral Pillows.png


I reached out to Farida to let he know that I source her pillows a lot and wanted to share some of my favorites in my blog. I love to get to know about the small business owners who's shops I frequent. Farida shared this with me, "I am a self taught designer. I enjoy working with fabric. I strive to provide the best customer service for my clients." Check out her beautiful pillows out of Palmer, MA at Zourra Designs!


Dianne, shop owner of Upp North Co. is running the show by her self. She designs and makes pillows that are a bit different and stand out from the endless choices on Etsy. That's why she made my list! You have to check out this unique shop from the Purple Hill CANADA!


Shop owner Karen has an array of stunning amazingly priced pillow covers, check her out on Pinterest And for new listings and coupon codes on Facebook and Instagram


Pillow Time Girls

I had the pleasure of learning about this family owned business when I reached out to Linda and she shared a little about her shop with me, "We are just a small family run business working really, really hard to make pretty pillows! My husband does all of our photoshopping and accounting, I procure all of our fabulous fabrics and handle customer service. Both of my daughters also have their hand in making the pillow covers and shipping them out."  This is why I source from family own businesses, they take pride in their work and love their customers just as much as I do!

Twisted Bobbin Designs

This shop is one of my go to's for my lower budget projects (as well as my high budgets for that matter), the patterns are fabulous and the prices are phenomenal! 

Pop O Color

I am obsessed with Pop O Colors fabric options! There is something for everyone with these designer fabric choices. 

Fresh Canopy

Fresh Canopy, out of Jacksonville, Florida has an amazing assortment of pillows and Joyce (shop owner) informed me that she will be adding new custom upgrades such as flange, piping (both self-welt and contrasting), and bolsters with/out piping.  Check them out on Facebook at, on Twitter at @freshcanopy and on Instagram at freshcanopy!

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Stay tuned for more pillow color stories!  

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