How to Decorate your Fireplace Mantle & Builtins

Learn how to style your Fireplace Mantle and built ins like a professional Interior designer!

Looking to accessorize your empty surfaces like your fireplace mantle (with or without your tv above it) but you have no idea where to start? Maybe you have empty bookshelves that need some TLC. Check out my designer tips to get your house looking you hired a professional! I've even including shopping links for you so you can either fill in the holes that you may be missing or if you want to start from scratch you can order the entire look. If you are looking for designer exclusive products I’m happy to find them for you to give you a special customized look. (Styling Services are $49 per area and include complementary ordering with my designer excursive stores!)

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how to decorate your mantle
Bold Floral Wallpaper. Free Samples.
  • Create a triangle shape from the top of the art to the outer sides of the mantle.

  • Layer a personal family photo, a favorite painting or collected art in front of the mirror. Leaning it on the mantle.

  • Use varying height candle holders out the outer edge for balance.

  • Add a vibrant pop of pattern by using a neutral bold ceramic tile.

  • Find a uniquely shaped round or oval mirror to center above the mantle,

  • Add height to one side by using real or faux floral stems. Change them out seasonally for a pop of color. Or use a neutral year round.

  • In the center to the right use a long low piece to vary heights in the arrangement. A great place for a pop of greenery.

  • Use a woven basket to store extra pillows and throw blankets



built in styling.png

-Add Wallpaper for texture or a pop of color to the back

-Mix up shapes

-Add layers

-Don’t over clutter,

-Allow negative space around the pieces

-Hang picture frames on the back

-Add pops of color

-Add life with pops of greenery

-Use a mirror to reflect light and make the room feel larger (if you don’t add a tv above the fireplace)

-Add height and balance to either side of the mantle, one side will be higher

-Off center and layer a personal framed picture on mirror or wood sign

-Add a long low centerpiece Mix materials and include

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-Artwork, matching or unique

-Framed wall decor or photography

-Wall mirrors

-Mixed metals

-Raw wood

-Painted wood



-Greenery pops

-Personal items


-Candle Holder






-Picture Frames

-Book Ends

-Decor Books

-Metal Orbs


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