6 Designer Pillow Arrangements That Wont Break the Bank!

I've been a pillow arrangement maniac for the past couple of weeks, creating designs for my clients that are ready to get their houses in order for the long awaited spring time!  I am a sucker for a neutral palette with pops of green or blue- but I always want to create something that you don't see in stores, that you cant buy at wayfair or target. My goal for every single pillow configuration is to make something unique and tailored with custom selections from sources that you have probably never heard of. Small businesses! 

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Liven Up Your Home With Pops of Greenery! My favorite Faux Indoor Plants Under $300

I kill every plant I try to keep in my house, with the exception of one succulent from my baby shower a year a a half ago.  I water it for about a week when I get it then completely forget about its existence- but at the same time love the pop of "greenery" that it adds to my space.  So, for this reason I've resorted to getting bi-weekly fresh flowers (my husband sends them to me from Pro Flowers ) because after I kill them I know there will be more on the way!

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100+ Stores to Buy Farmhouse Decor and More

Here it is, my ever growing master list of retail vendors! I want to share fun tips and sources that help the DIYer find solutions for their home, enjoy checking out my list and finding new places to shop!  A lot of these have farmhouse pieces but are not strictly farmhouse stores. With the growing trend of farmhouse decor many retailers are jumping on the band wagon and selling farmhouse stuff. You never know what you will find!

 If you have a favorite place that isn't listed Message meso I can check it out!

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How to Style a Console Table with a Refined Farmhouse Touch

Below are a few samples of how to style an entry storage console table and open base console table. Note the balance and symmetry of using two tall lamps that flank a mirror or unique piece of artwork.  The secondary visual balance comes from the table top accessories that vary in height and texture.  

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How to Accessorize Your Home

Hey everyone! So I asked my Facebook group what their biggest struggle with is while decorating their house and the answer was unanimous; How do you accessorize?! Creating a warm and inviting space and displaying your personal possessions is what makes a house a home, but the biggest struggle is finding a way to arrange everything so it doesn't look cluttered and disorganized.  

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Neutrals for Days: My Favorite Etsy Pillow Covers

As many of you know, I love to source small businesses for my clients. I think it gives a personal touch to the design and I'd much rather support a mom and pop shop over a box store any day! Earlier this week I shared my favorite Blue Etsy pillows with you all.  Today I'm going to share my must have neutrals that warm up any arrangement! 

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Case of the Blues: My Favorite Etsy Pillow Covers

I ALWAYS go to my small business vendors before I look to the bigger box stores, espesually for pillows. As a small business myself I love to support individuals vs large companies. Etsy is my go to for pillows and I have a few favorite vendors that I source regularly. I use an array of companies that range in price so all my clients have beautiful options for unique prints. 

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6 Tips for a Successful E-Design Collaboration

There are plenty of online design services available out there- and I’ve done a little design work for a few of them so I know what they are about.  Of course they are great for some, but there are a lot of restrictions set by these companies. They have rules for where the designer is allowed to source, how long the project should take and even who you are matched with.  When you select an independent designer or firm that specializes in online interior design you get a personalized experience with all the perks of a local designer. 

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How to Create a Modern Farmhouse Dining Room

How to Style your Modern Farmhouse Dining Room 

**Update** Though this post was written during the holiday crunch almost all items are still available to get your modern farmhouse dining room in order! Mix match my favorite pieces below to create your custom tailored refined farmhouse. Mix textures, patterns and woods to create a unique design with my designer furniture picks!

Well, this month has been insane already and its not even Christmas yet! Anyone else already stressing that you wont have time to get everything done in time?  Between traveling to South Carolina to visit my in laws, decorating for the Holidays and TONS of great projects and a one year old at home with me - I've been so slow with this blog post! Sorry guys! I'm keeping this post short and sweet because,  if you are anything like me right now- you need to stop procrastinating and get decorating!  I've compiled a carefully curated collection of my favorite modern farmhouse pieces for your dining room.  Everything is affordable and IN STOCK (as of 12.9.17) so you can finish your dining room just in time to host Christmas dinner!  I added all the links for you below.  Pick your favorites to create an entire room or select the missing pieces that you have been searching for!

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How to Create a Modern Farmhouse Living Room

Here It Goes!

I figure right now is just a best a time as any to start my blog.  I'm writing this with no fancy camera and no professional guidance with the hopes of looking back at this one day and thinking, "And that's how it all began." I figure we all want to start something we love one day but the hardest part is just starting it, so today taking the plunge! I hope you enjoy this evolution with me. 

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