How to Accessorize Your Home


Hey everyone! So I asked my Facebook group what their biggest struggle with is while decorating their house and the answer was unanimous; How do you accessorize?! Creating a warm and inviting space and displaying your personal possessions is what makes a house a home, but the biggest struggle is finding a way to arrange everything so it doesn't look cluttered and disorganized.  

I ALWAYS suggest using your own pieces that you have in your house to accessorize as the first layer of your design.  This may include items you've collected from travel, family or even created yourself. Second, fill in the holes with other pieces, I always prefer to shop small business first for a more personalized piece, then I look at the larger companies. Third, LESS IS MORE! Keep it simple for a timeless and elegant look.  

I've created a visual to show a few different templates to accessorize a built in, console table, small entry table and bathroom shelving.  Note the varying materials, height and space around items in the arrangements when using your personal items. Add pops of color where you want (or keep it neutral), I've left these options neutral to show styling but add your personality! 

How to style builtins

how to style a console table

how to accessorize your buffet

How to style a small entry table

How to style bathroom shelving

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how to accessorize your home