6 Tips for a Successful E-Design Collaboration

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6 Tips for a Successful E-design Collaboration 

Tricks for how to with a designer online

First off, Happy New Year! Cheers to a prosperous and healthy 2018! One of my personal goals is to create a beautiful space in every state this year. To do this I want to kick off the new year with a few posts that share some insider tips and tricks as to how and why using an online interior designer is the future of interior design.  I'm sure over the past 5 years you have seen a million online interior design websites and individual designers sharing their services via the internet. So by now your definitely into it but have no clue where to start when hiring a designer or what the heck happens when you do! I've been working as an E-designer for the past 3 years for various companies as well as my own business so I've created a list of 6 tips on what to look for and expect to have a killer experience with online design. 

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1. The Difference Between a large online interior design company & an independent designer? 

There are plenty of online design services available out there- and I’ve done a little design work for a few of them so I know what they are about.  Of course they are great for some, but there are a lot of restrictions set by these companies. They have rules for where the designer is allowed to source, how long the project should take and even who you are matched with.  When you select an independent designer or firm that specializes in online interior design you get a personalized experience with all the perks of a local designer.  This includes working at your own pace with your schedule in mind. Custom design that utilizes my designer trade only connections for your furniture and accessories. I also extend to you discounts off of retail prices (some exclusions apply) if you were to shop on your own. So while the design fees may be more expensive to go with a personal designer vs. a large company you can save money on the pieces you buy so it more than of sets the cost of the design fee.


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2. How do you find your perfect designer?

Check out their social media, meaning stalk the crap out of there Instagram, Business Facebook Page, Pinterest, Twitter and website.  You know right away what you like and dislike when you see a room. So if your vibing with a designers Instagram feed or portfolio it's probably going to be a perfect design match!

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3. What's the process like? 

Some of my clients want to be really involved through the entire process others don't at all- there is no right or wrong way to collaborate with an E-designer. With that said, a tip would be to add as much information that you possibly can from the beginning of the project. When you are asked to create a portfolio tell the designer everything you can about your family. We want to know! I love to hear about your family dynamics and how you plan to live in the space so I  can really tailor a design to fit your function. The next part can sometimes be the most difficult part,  including all the info for the room. This includes pictures of every corner or nook that should be designed. The more pictures the better. This help us locate switches, outlets, heating etc that you may forget about.  Measurements, these don't have to be pretty or to scale in any way, but they should include each wall in the room, window and doorway placement on each wall and ceiling height. Sometimes more specific window measurements will be required for custom options (typically a diagram is provided to help take these). 

After you send your designer the room details the designing begins! Usually there is a little more chatting if the designer has questions or needs more info. Then, this is where every designer  varies in design process. Some create mood boards to begin to ensure you both are on the same page about the direction of the design. Others dive right into sourcing ideas. This all depends on the designers personal process to create the look.

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4. What is NOT offered in E-design services? 

Each designer offers different services but since E-design is really a DIY form of decorating when it comes to putting everything in the room, designers are typically not liable for installation if the pieces. 

I do not create designs or plans for renovations.  Since I don’t live in your area I don’t know the trade professionals, therefore my designs are strictly for decor and design that you can do yourself.  I do recommend hiring a licensed electrician (for lighting installations) or handyman to hang items that may need to be anchored into the wall.  

Online Interior designer relationship

 5. Tips to a successful relationship with your online designer. 

Trying to communicate all online can be difficult these days because so much can be taken the wrong way when it is read without infliction in the sentence. This is something to keep in mind when collaborating with  your designer. As designers, we are naturally perfectionists and always looking to please our clients so when words like ugly, cheap, and cheesy (to name a few) are used to describe the design (not necessarily the individual pieces) it doesn't help the process.  After all, the design should be a collaboration between yourself and your designer, you live in this space, not your designer so take every opportunity you can to share your likes and dislikes on the ideas that your designer presents to you. 


6. Why you should hire an independent E-designer?

Here are a few other perks to working with an independent designer.

-You may come from a town that doesn't have a designer whose style you connect with. E-design unlocks access to the perfect designer for your project.  

-You can literally work any time, anywhere around your schedule. 

-Transparency, most designers are fully transparent with their timelines and pricing.

-When sourcing products for my clients I first and foremost look for the best deal for the best quality item (vs. Trying to sell you something to make a quick buck off a limited source list for a generic design that you get with a larger company). I also always try to look at my core small business vendors first. When you choose an independent E-designer you are supporting a small business.   

I hope you have found this helpful and are excited to start your E- design project! If that's with me, awesome, I can't wait to hear from you! 

Support local businesses, from my family you yours, Happy 2018! 

Grace Sign from  https://www.etsy.com/shop/pineandprairiedesign

Grace Sign from  https://www.etsy.com/shop/pineandprairiedesign