Case of the Blues: My Favorite Etsy Pillow Covers

I ALWAYS go to my small business vendors before I look to the bigger box stores, especially for  pillows. As a small business myself I love to support individuals vs large companies. Etsy is my go to for pillows and I have a few favorite vendors that I source regularly. I use an array of companies that range in price so all my clients have beautiful options for unique prints. 

Check out my blue pillow round up below to add a designer touch to your home!

Blue Pillows.png

Pillow Time Girls

I had the pleasure of learning about this family owned business when I reached out to Linda and she shared a little about her shop with me, "We are just a small family run business working really, really hard to make pretty pillows! My husband does all of our photoshopping and accounting, I procure all of our fabulous fabrics and handle customer service. Both of my daughters also have their hand in making the pillow covers and shipping them out."  This is why I source from family own businesses, they take pride in their work and love their customers just as much as I do!

Twisted Bobbin Designs

This shop is one of my go to's for my lower budget projects (as well as my high budgets for that matter), the patterns are fabulous and the prices are phenomenal! 

Pop O Color

I am obsessed with Pop O Colors fabric options! There is something for everyone with these designer fabric choices. 

Pillow Throw Decor

I reached out to the shop owner Christine to learn a little bit amount her beautiful pillows and she shared this with me "Almost every piece has a love story, a bit of history or traveled a long road... if only my pillows could talk they would make wonderful companions for those that treasure them." I just LOVE that! 

Shop Little Design Co

I LOVE these unique prints! Luxurious velvet and on trend patterns. Their Etsy shop is great but you definitely have to check out the website for tons more options! 

Want Some Help?

If you are thinking that you still need help with a pillow arrangement I'm here for you! I have a custom design package that includes a pillow arrangement for $49. As a thank you for visiting my blog enjoy $10 off using Promo Code BLOGPILLOWS

Stay tuned for more pillow color stories!

Pillow Package

Let's talk pillows, how do you arrange them, what colors do you need, what the heck do you put in them? My pillow service includes creating a collection of pillows that work for your space- a shopping list and ordering service. You will recieve 2 configurations for one space. 

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