Free E-Design Products I use


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3D Renders: Room Styler through The Design Network (If you are a member) or Room Styler website if you are not a member of TDN.

Tip: Use Room Styler Programs Internet Explorer browser  

Social Media Graphics: Canva 

Icon Graphics: The Noun Project

Floor Plans: Icovia

More Detailed Kitchens and Baths: Icovia

Payment, Invoicing and Money



Cloud Storage/ Documents/ Organization

Google Drive I use it for notes, spreadsheets, invoices, documents, corresponding with clients, etc. Just like Microsoft office but also has storage you can use on every device for photos/ documents. 

Trello Keeping all my thoughts and ideas organized with links and pictures not suitable for Pinterest. 

Loom To create videos online 

Google Video Speed Speed up Chrome Extension: videos you are watching on time (You can use this for the course material) 

Social Media




Pin Groupie: Looking for group boards on Pinterest

Buffer App: Scheduling

Social HashTags: # App for Android


MailChimp  Up to a certain amount of susribers it is free. 

Cash Back When Placing Orders