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Floor Plan Layout Package
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Floor Plan design package

How it works:

1. Send me your room dimensions including all the walls, windows, doors and openings, outlets, water and waste locations and ceiling height. Along with dimensions of appliances or other items that you want to use in the space and pictures of it.  

2. I will compile 2 to 3 new floor plan arrangements for you with your existing furniture or new pieces. All floor plans will include measurements for new cabinetry, vanities, appliances etc. Or new furniture items.

3. Work with a local contractor to create your dream space!

NOTE: These are not working construction documents. They are for room layouts only. 

Open concepts are subject to additional fees. 

Kitchen and Bathrooms are excluded from this service, message me for a customized quote. 

The kitchen and bathroom floor plan layout package is to explore layout possibilities.  These are not working documents and must not be used during construction. You must work with a contractor to ensure everything will fit properly.  With E-design there is always a slight chance measurements could be off therefore everything confirmed before ordering.